<transcy>QRing keychain with NFC</transcy>
qring sleutelhanger met qr-code en nfc penning hanger
<transcy>QRing keychain with NFC</transcy>
<transcy>QRing keychain with NFC</transcy>
<transcy>QRing keychain with NFC</transcy>
Penning voor halsband kat met QR-code en NFCX - verloren en gevonden huisdieren tag oplossing
Sleutelhanger voor huissleutels met QR-code en NFC - lost and found tag oplossing - verloren en gevonden voorwerpen
Penning met QR-code voor huisdieren

QRing keychain with NFC

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Size: 38x35mmx3mm, i Including 2 rings
Weight: 5 grams
Printing: Black and white. Thermal transfer. Water and UV resistant. Suitable for outdoor use
Material: Glossy PVC, epoxy + metal ring

Your personal QRing Keychain with NFC! Project your car- or housekeys, and even your pets. 

Your lost item, and even your lost animal can be returned quickly and effectively by the finder. 

How does it work?

  1. Download the QRing app
  2. Attach QRing tag to your item / pet
  3. Scan the QR code and register the sticker
  4. Link the people who need to be informed in case of loss to your code!

QRing is anonymous for both finder and owner. Also, the finder does not need to install anything to contact you. Just scan the tag, call or text and you're done!


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