XL stickers met QR-code en NFC - Lost & found tag oplossing
Fiets sticker QR-code en NFC - verloren voorwerpen - qr tag oplossing
Fiets sticker QR-code en NFC - verloren voorwerpen - qr tag oplossing
Grote elektronische apparaten sticker QR-code en NFC - verloren voorwerpen - qr tag oplossing

QRing sticker (large) with NFC

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Size: 53 x 40 mm, rounded corners
Weight: 1 gram
Printing: Black and white. Thermal transfer. Water and UV resistant. Suitable for outdoor use
Material: NFC stickers with QR Code

Your personal smart QR sticker! Protect your bicycle, tablet or other larger items. With the QR sticker from QRing, your lost items can be returned quickly and effectively by the finder!

QRing developed this smart and easy to apply QR code with NFC technology especially for larger surfaces / objects.

Handy for:

  • Surf / wakeboard
  • Skis / snowboard
  • Bike
  • Moped / scooter
  • Other large items

How does it work?

  1. Download the QRing app
  2. Stick the QRing sticker on your phone, laptop, tablet or anything else of value
  3. Scan the QR code and register the sticker
  4. Link the people who need to be informed in case of loss to your code!

And what if I lost something with my QRing QR on it? What happens now?

  1. Finder scans QR code or holds phone to NFC / QR sticker (doesn't need the QRing app!)
  2. You will receive a notification and you will see the location of your item
  3. Finder chooses whether to call or text
  4. Your contact details remain invisible to the finder
  5. If you have created a group for this item, the group will receive a call or text message
  6. You or another group member agree with the finder how, where and when you can collect your item

QRing is anonymously for both finder and owner. Also, the finder does not need to install anything toc ontact the owner. Just scan the tag, call or text and you're done.

QRing attributes:

  • Protect your valuables
  • No subscription, no obligations
  • QRing has a suitable solution for your valuable items, pet or child
  • With QRing 4-8x more likely to find your items
  • Direct contact with your finder!
  • Be able to see the location of your item when it is scanned
  • Even easier contact thanks to smart NFC technology in QRcode
  • Larger sticker so easier to read for the finder
  • Always available for your finder, with maximum privacy
  • In addition to yourself, you can also link others to your item for a higher return rate
  • Easy to remove, without traces
  • For all smooth surfaces
  • 5 year lifespan